Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The inspiration for today's mani doesn't come from a magazine or MV, but it's something else...I'll give you some time to guess, in the meanwhile let's have a look:

This is what I used:
~ Index:  Dolly Wink no. 09
~ Middle: one stroke of Dolly Wink no. 08 and then mixed it with Dolly Wink no. 09
~ Ring: one stroke of Dolly Wink no. 09 and then mixed with Dolly Wink no. 08
~ Pink: Dolly Wink no. 08

For the middle and ring finger, I used 'one stroke' of no. 08 and no. 09 respectively because I wanted the colours to flow smoothly from green to blue. For the designs, I used Konad image plate number M79 and Konad special stamping nail polish in white.

To create the sheep, I used a big cloud design from image plate M79 for the body. As for the head, I stamped a tiny cloud on top of the big cloud design. I drew a face with Catrice Looking Greyt using a dottingtool. The same colour is used to draw the feet using a toothpick.

And, any clues? Let me tell you...are you ready for the answer? Hold your's going to smell a bit =P

The inspiration came from my socks...sorry for the awful smelly image...

Have a great one!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Double F-lowe-rench

Hope the title was not too confusing...lemme explain: today's mani is a double french mani with flower motives. I didn't like the double french mani the first time I saw it, but I wanted to try it anyway. To enhance the chance to like it, I used a flower pattern for the french tips.
I used the new colours from Essence 42 Dress For A Moment and Catrice 530 Up In The Air for the base and french tips. The upper and lower french tips are made with the help of french guide stickers, which narrow down the mistakes I would have made if I painted it free handed. As for the flower pattern on the french tips, I used Konad stamping polish in white and image plate M41.

What are your thoughts on a double french manicure?

Have a wonderful one!!!