Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nautical Spring Theme

The pastel flower mani, which I posted here, was positively received by you all. Thank you so much!!! So I thought of another flower mani, but this time with nautical colours:

All the colours are from the H&M Spring Nails mini set. I really like the colour combination of this set. It took me a while to come up with a mani that featured all the colours of the mini set, but here it is:

The flower design is made using a dotting tool to create the flowers with the Brown and Beige polish. I used a toothpick to stamp the 'leaves' in White. The base colour is Blue with 2 coats. To create the sailing boat design, I used 1 coat of Brown as base colour and painted (at least I tried to) the sailing boat in Beige and Blue with a nail art brush.

Have a wonderful one!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pastel Flowers

Just a simple flower-themed mani for today. Since it's spring, I took all my Dolly Wink's nail polishes out of my stash. It is time for them to shine!

These are colours I used:

Black ~ Catrice Back To Black
Blue ~ Dolly Wink no. 8
Lilac ~ Dolly Wink no. 7
Salmon Pink ~ Dolly Wink no. 3
White ~ Dolly Wink no. 2
Yellow ~ Models Own Lemon Meringue

The flowers are made using a dotting tool. It's easy and it doesn't require good nailart skills =P As base colour, I used one coat of Etude House LUCIDarling's WH001.

Have a great one!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scale Effect no. 02

It's spring already!!! Everything seems to be more alive and full of hope during this time of the year.

Today I have another Golden Rose's Scale Effect nail lacquer for you: No. 02. While the flakies of No. 01 gives orange/green colours, No. 02 gives orange/blue/purple coloured flakies. I have layered one coat of SE No. 02 over two coats of the following base colours:
from index-pink

H&M Blue
H&M Turqouise
Essence Purple Cherry
Catrice Lavender Breeze

The formula works fine and it is possible to get enough flakies with one coat. But the smell of the polish is very bad, so I advise you to swatch this one in a good ventilated room. No. 02 looks the best over somewhat darker base colours, just like No. 01. My favourite combi with SC No. 02 is with Essence Purple Cherry.

Have a great one!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dupe of Hidden Treasure?

Flakies!!! The famous Hidden Treasure of Sally Hansen  has successfully placed 'the  love for flakies inception' in every nail polisher. No exception here, my first flakie nail polish is Gypsy Night of Topshop. During that time, I didn't even know that those 'bigger than normal glitters-thingies' were called flakies and little did I know that they were so popular. Now that I learn of it, I love Gypsy Night even more. Golden Rose gives me a great opportunity to further explore the world of the flakies with their latest Scale Effect collection.

The Golden Rose Scale Effect collection consists of 15! flakies nail lacquers. Unfortunately, the collection doesn't give 15 different effects. Before I placed my order, I googled for swatches and found out that many have the same effect. I could only distinguish 3 different flakies effects: orange/green, pink/purple and blue/green. Each of these flakie effects come in different base colours, which explains why there are 15 nail lacquers in this collection. This post will be about the one with the orange/green flakies: Scale Effect No. 1.

(from left to right)
H&M Blue
H&M Turqouise
Essence Purple Cherry
Catrice Lavender Breeze
The colours were swatched in the exact same order (index-pink) as in the picture above (left-right). Two coats for the base colour and one coat of SE No. 1 without topcoat. As you can see, Scale Effect No. 1 looks the best when it is layered over a dark coloured polish, in this case Blue and Purple Cherry.

What do you think, does it show resemblances to Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure?

Have a wonderful one!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Etude House ~ Glam Night Gold

Another great polish from the Korean brand Etude House. This time it is from the Dear Darling Bling Bling collection. I will not begin with telling how lovely the bottles are and... =P The pictures will speak for themselves. It was taken a few days back when the sun finally woke up from it's long hibernation.

Apart from a code name GD011, this polish has also a beautiful name: Glam Night Gold. I really can't figure out what finish Glam Night Gold has. It is filled with glitters that show a variety of colours like orange, purple blue and green. The beautiful olive gold base shimmer gives a hint of a holo-finish when the light falls on it.

The formula was a bit thicker than the other Etude House polihes I've tried. I think it's because Glam Night Gold is fully packed with glitters. Despite the thick formula, the application was good and two coats were sufficient.

What do you think of Glam Night Gold?

Have a great one!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

EH Matte: Latte Brown

Not only do I love Korean brand Etude House, I also like listening to Korean music even though I can't understand a word. Recently, one of the most popular Korean boy band released a new mini album and one track is called 'cafe'. While listening to that song, I thought of this polish:

In a previous post, another Etude House matte polish was swatched. I promised to show you one more from the Petite Darling matte collection, so here it is: no. 2 Latte Brown. Latte Brown appears a bit darker on the nails than on the bottle.

Like Milky Way Purple, the application was good, but you have to work fast. One coat was sufficient to reach opacity.

Have a nice cup of coffee and enjoy your day!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

H&M Spring Nails

Don't you just love these little beauties? I really like the colour combination of this H&M Spring Nails set.
The colours on:

~  Index  ~ Beige, perfect for a mannequin mani.

~ Middle ~ Brown, very unique kind of brown, I would call it cinnamon brown =] This one is my favourite out of this collection.

~ Ring ~ Blue, the only one in this set that isn't a creme polish. This navy colour has a glossy/ jelly finish.

~ Pinkie ~ White, just an ordinary white polish, but can definitely NOT be left out of this Spring Nails set.

These little ones contain only 3.2 ml, so I'm seriously thinking about buying a back-up set ^^ The application was good and two coats were enough. In the pictures, there are two coats without topcoat. Can't wait to create a nice Spring nailart mani with these colours...inspiration...come to me...

What do you think about this H&M Spring Nails set?

Have a great one!!!