Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dupe of Hidden Treasure?

Flakies!!! The famous Hidden Treasure of Sally Hansen  has successfully placed 'the  love for flakies inception' in every nail polisher. No exception here, my first flakie nail polish is Gypsy Night of Topshop. During that time, I didn't even know that those 'bigger than normal glitters-thingies' were called flakies and little did I know that they were so popular. Now that I learn of it, I love Gypsy Night even more. Golden Rose gives me a great opportunity to further explore the world of the flakies with their latest Scale Effect collection.

The Golden Rose Scale Effect collection consists of 15! flakies nail lacquers. Unfortunately, the collection doesn't give 15 different effects. Before I placed my order, I googled for swatches and found out that many have the same effect. I could only distinguish 3 different flakies effects: orange/green, pink/purple and blue/green. Each of these flakie effects come in different base colours, which explains why there are 15 nail lacquers in this collection. This post will be about the one with the orange/green flakies: Scale Effect No. 1.

(from left to right)
H&M Blue
H&M Turqouise
Essence Purple Cherry
Catrice Lavender Breeze
The colours were swatched in the exact same order (index-pink) as in the picture above (left-right). Two coats for the base colour and one coat of SE No. 1 without topcoat. As you can see, Scale Effect No. 1 looks the best when it is layered over a dark coloured polish, in this case Blue and Purple Cherry.

What do you think, does it show resemblances to Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure?

Have a wonderful one!!!

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