Sunday, March 13, 2011

Etude House ~ Glam Night Gold

Another great polish from the Korean brand Etude House. This time it is from the Dear Darling Bling Bling collection. I will not begin with telling how lovely the bottles are and... =P The pictures will speak for themselves. It was taken a few days back when the sun finally woke up from it's long hibernation.

Apart from a code name GD011, this polish has also a beautiful name: Glam Night Gold. I really can't figure out what finish Glam Night Gold has. It is filled with glitters that show a variety of colours like orange, purple blue and green. The beautiful olive gold base shimmer gives a hint of a holo-finish when the light falls on it.

The formula was a bit thicker than the other Etude House polihes I've tried. I think it's because Glam Night Gold is fully packed with glitters. Despite the thick formula, the application was good and two coats were sufficient.

What do you think of Glam Night Gold?

Have a great one!!!


  1. This is such a neat polish color! I have to admit my eyes hit the photos first and even before reading anything about the polish I went "that's very glam." I don't own any Etude House polishes, they have cool bottles. Jealous!

  2. The finish of this polish was a surprise for me, since I didn't know how it will look on the nails. Luckily it turned out to something glamorous. You can find Etude House polishes on their US website or on ebay.

  3. What an amazing color! You don't see colors like this very often in nailpolish! Love it!