Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello Kitty Turqouise

When I saw pictures of the Sephora x Hello Kitty Collaboration Collection, I went totally wild! The nail polish bottles were in the shape of Hello Kitty's head. But unfortunately, I couldn't order at Sephora online since I am not an US resident. So that was the end of the story...

The closest I can get to a Hello Kitty nail polish is the one released by H&M: Turqouise. Yes, you've read it right...turqouise... Although the bottle didn't blow me away, the colour surely made me (^0^) wow-ed for a long time.

The price was more than reasonabe for 16ml. The formula was easy to work with and that also counts for the brush. I applied 2 coats of Turqouise and 1 layer of topcoat to seal the glitters. I have that jar of brown glitter longer than half a year already, but haven't tried it out, because I was too lazy... It was actually quite easy to work with. But I do need more practice, because I only managed to glitter one hand -_-"

Have a wonderful one!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

EH Matte: Milky Way Purple

As you already know, I'm totally in over my head about one particular Korean brand: Etude House. Their products have the most lovely looks and are very good in use.

Recently, Etude House came with a Petite Darling Matte Nails Collection which consists of 5 beautiful matte colours and they HAVE names!!! Instead of using solely numbers to name each colour, this time, I found out that they have names too. Maybe Etude House have named the polishes of the other collections already, but since I can't read Korean, I wouldn't know.

So here is No. 3 from the Petite Darling Matte Nails Collection: Milky Way Purple!!! Love the name...Love the mattified bottle...

Milky Way Purple turned out to be a greyed purple/ mauve. The finish is indeed very matte. When applying the polish, you have to be very quick and have more polish on the brush than usual. By doing this, the problem that brush strokes will appear will be limited. Despite the thick layer, it dried very fast and one coat was enough to be opaque.

Before and after applying one layer of topcoat:

I have one more to go from Petite Darling Matte Nails Collection...

Have a wonderful one!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Belated Valentine's Gift for you!

Valentine's love it or hate it...

To me it's just an ordinary day. But this year was quite special, because I received a gift for my blog!

Do you remember my last post about the AQmore water-based nail polish from Younique Nails? Well, Younique Nails kindly offered me a special discount code for you, my lovely readers!!! Thank you Younique Nails for making this possible! This is totally new for me so I'm very excited to receive something great like this and happy that I can share it with you.

10% discount code: choco10

Younique Nails is having a '$3 off' promotion, which started already on the 7th February till 7 March 2011. This means that you pay $10.90 for a bottle of AQmore polish. Above that, if you use the discount code when you check out, you will get another 10% off. One AQmore polish will only cost $9.81 (excl. shipping costs)!!!

Grab your chance by visiting Younique Nails.
Have a great one!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Magical AQmore polish: Glaring

Today, my parcel arrived which was sent by Younique Nails. Younique Nails is an online store which sells a large variety of nail related products. The eyecatcher in the large assortment for me was the AQmore nail polishes.

Younique Nails offers THE solution for beautiful nails without staining: AQmore polishes!
AQmore water-based nail polish consists of 50% water and 50% other natural ingredients. It's a nice alternative for lacquer-based nail polishes, as AQmore not only protects the nails but is also environment friendly. Moreover, AQmore is chemical free and meets international SGS and FDA testing. Do visit their website for more information or to take a look at their products.

I ordered 2 bottles of AQmore polishes: Gold Sand - white with golden particles and Glaring - mauve with golden shimmer. Immediately after opening the package, I had to try them out, so I picked Glaring to be the first one.

It was like magic! I have swatched Avien Alix #160 before, which shows 2 different colours depending on the number of coats. AQmore Glaring does the same thing, but unfortunately the effect does not last too long. Take a look at the picture below.

All 3 fingers were swatched with one coat of the SAME polish - AQmore Glaring, but you can clearly distinguish 2 different colours. Let me explain the magic tric: when you layer one coat of Glaring, it will show the pink version with golden shimmer colour, as shown on the right 2 fingers. But as time passes, it will turn into red with golden shimmer, like the one on the left. The colour on the bottle can only be seen a few seconds after the application, then it will change into red. Magical, right?

Another great thing of AQmore polishes is that it can be easily peeled off, so there is no need for polish removers. Just soak your fingers in warm water for 30 seconds, then you'll be able to peel the layer off.

Younique Nails is now having a promotion: $3 off!!! The promotion starts 7th Feb - 7th March 2011. This is your opportunity to try water-based AQmore nail polishes! 

Have a nice one!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 in 1 Alix Avien #160

Already the second post about the purchases I made in Turkey. The first haul was the brand Flormar and this time it is Alix Avien! I already swatched one in my previous post, which was a beautiful navy blue crackle polish.

Alix Avien #160 is a combination of red and golden shimmer. While I was swatching it, I noticed that 1 coat of #160 creates a more pink colour with golden shimmer. #160 is opaque already with the second coat and it was very easy to work with. It may not have the OPI brush, but this works fine for me.

Two different colours in one bottle, isn't that fascinating? The pictures show the pink version of #160 (1 coat) on my index and middle finger. The red version (2 coats) is swatched on my ring finger and pinkie.


Still one haul left...

Have a great one!!!