Wednesday, February 23, 2011

EH Matte: Milky Way Purple

As you already know, I'm totally in over my head about one particular Korean brand: Etude House. Their products have the most lovely looks and are very good in use.

Recently, Etude House came with a Petite Darling Matte Nails Collection which consists of 5 beautiful matte colours and they HAVE names!!! Instead of using solely numbers to name each colour, this time, I found out that they have names too. Maybe Etude House have named the polishes of the other collections already, but since I can't read Korean, I wouldn't know.

So here is No. 3 from the Petite Darling Matte Nails Collection: Milky Way Purple!!! Love the name...Love the mattified bottle...

Milky Way Purple turned out to be a greyed purple/ mauve. The finish is indeed very matte. When applying the polish, you have to be very quick and have more polish on the brush than usual. By doing this, the problem that brush strokes will appear will be limited. Despite the thick layer, it dried very fast and one coat was enough to be opaque.

Before and after applying one layer of topcoat:

I have one more to go from Petite Darling Matte Nails Collection...

Have a wonderful one!!!


  1. ETUDE HOUSE!!!! i only have 2 polishes from EH but i love em! this one is no exception! what a beauty :)

  2. in the beginning, there were also just 2 EH polishes...just can't get enough =] have you posted swatches of them?