Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miso Happy With The Notes from Heaven

For this particular day, I wanted to use this particular nail polish: ESTESSiMO TiNS 079 The Notes From Heaven. It's crazy that I haven't swatched ESTESSiMO TiNS' nail polishes before. So here it is: 

ESTESSiMO TiNS is a Japanese brand that is toluene-free and DBP-free. TiNS is most famous for the glitters in the nail polishes and there is plenty in The Notes From Heaven. TNFH has a milky white base with tiny tiny squared glitters that flash orange and blue/purple. I was too lazy to swatch the whole nail with TNFH, because I was terrified by the thought of the removal process. So I just used it here for the edges. The pretty nude pink colour I used is OPI's Miso Happy With This Color, which is from the OPI Japanese collection back in 2005. I really like the names of these two polishes.

I used two coats of MHWTC and one thick layer for the edges with TNFH. The design on the middle finger was created to cover up the smudges ^^ So I picked a few hexagons and sealed it with a layer of topcoat.

TiNS launches a new collection every Spring, Summer and Winter and this is the latest Spring collection 2011:

If you are interested in TiNS polishes, you can buy them here.

Have a wonderful one!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

First Swap!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope you have a great time with family and friends!!!

On this beautiful day, I have for you my first swap ever! The process was great fun and exciting. I swapped with the beautiful Carli from Konad-licious. It was a lot of fun to hunt down her wishlist, because it lead me to an amazing brand that I haven't tried before. Eventually, I bought a wishlist polish for her and one for myself =]  The exciting part was whether the parcels would safely arrive at their destination. Luckily both did!

I will not blablabla any longer, this is what I've received for my first swap:

My first BYS nail polishes! Carli was really kind and sweet to include delicious candy bars, a strawberry glitter body roller, water decals and one extra BYS nail polish.
left: Shadow Puppets (N191)
right: Black & Gold (N219)
Colour Change Collection
left: Colour Change Blue (N283)
right: Colour Change Salmon (N284)
I am really happy with these goodies! I was most excited about the colour change collection. Since I couldn't get the Claire's mood changing polishes, I wanted to give these a try. Carli has already swatched the colour change collection, check it out: part 1 and part 2.
Thanks again Carli, for sending me these amazing nail polishes and goodies!

Have a great one!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello Holo Berry!

Since the brand Catrice changed their displays and updated their collection, I've been hunting down all the new nail polishes =] The colour that I wanted to try is 420 Dirty Berry, which is a holographic polish!!! Holo's are very populair in the nail polish blogger's world, but I didn't have the guts to wear the silver ones that really stands out. Maybe this sounds a bit crazy and silly, but it took me quite a while to collect all my courage together to wear black polish OUTSIDE the house.

no full sun-attack
420 Dirty Berry is a beautiful purple holographic. The formula was a bit watery, so I layered three coats without topcoat.

I'm glad that I gave this one a try. But there is a bad thing about wearing holo's: you can't keep your eyes off the holographic nails! =]

Have a great one!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scale Effect no. 14

Today I have for you my third and last flake polish that I own of Golden Rose's Scale Effect collection: No. 14. This beauty has a transparent brownish base filled with blue and green flakies. Just like the other SE's, I have layered one coat of SE No. 14 over two coats of the following base colours:
from index-pink

H&M Blue
H&M Turqouise
Essence Purple Cherry
Catrice Lavender Breeze

Overall, I like all three Scale Effect polishes that I've swatched. Each one has different coloured flakies, so I don't really have one favourite. But I do prefer layering SE polishes over somewhat darker base colours, which gives the best flakies results.

Which one did you like the most (No. 01, 02 or 14)?

Have a wonderful one!!!