Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Canmake Sweet Nail Toppings

Canmake introduced the Nail Topping Coat collection, which brings us 5 different topcoats to recreate the ice cream and yummy dessert toppings on the nails!
They have:
01 Powdered Sugar
02 Hawaiian Coconut
03 Dried Strawberry
04 Mixed Berry Seeds
05 Almond Crunch
NOTE: No. 2 to 5 are made from real fruits and nuts!

The pink base is the OPI Pink-ing Of You.
For the melting chocolate sauce, I used Barry M 129 Chocolate and a dotting tool to create the melting-effect.

The whipped cream is made by using Barry M 66 Matt White. On top of each topping, there is layer of Canmake no. 4 Mixed Berry Seeds.

Mixed Berry Seeds has a clear base with beige/caramel/brown particles floating around, which are the berry seeds. The final look was a bit gritty, so there is one layer of topcoat. I usually won't use this pink, as it gives my skin tone a tan look. So I will try other combinations with Mixed Berry Seeds.

Have a great one!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Nymphelia: Be Pool

This is C01 Be Pool from the latest Catrice LE collection, called: Nymphelia.
I wasn’t really head over heels about this one when I looked at the bottle. It seemed like just another dark green polish and the warning on the back of the bottle that said ‘Use Basecoat’ made this polish less interesting. The experience of using green nail polishes often reminds me of the awful stained nails after removal, even when I used 2 coats of basecoat. But the sticker on top of the bottle helped me with my decision making, because it said: ‘Limited Colour’!
I have no regrets, Be Pool is really beautiful. It is actually a dark green with green shimmer and it was opaque with 2 coats. On the nails, it appears to be teal. The new brush of Catrice worked well, but Be Pool was a bit thick so it left some imperfections. So I used a layer of topcoat to smooth things out.
Another shot in the shade:
Have a great one!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Going For A Walk In The Park and Stopped For An Ice Cream

The next Essence Nail Colour 3 I would like to show you is: 04 A Walk In The Park.
A Walk In The Park consists of:

‘A Walk In The Park’: it’s a dark green creme with visible green shimmers in the bottle, but disappear on the nails unfortunately. The application went super smooth and was opaque with 2 coats.

‘Stop For A Ice Cream’: what a sweet name for a polish! This is the sheer one with a clear base packed with blue/green/orange shimmers and white flakes that flash green.

The 3 looks are:
~ Index: 2 coats of ‘A Walk In The Park’
~ Middle & Ring: 2 coats of ‘A Walk In The Park’ + 1 coat of ‘Stop For A Ice Cream’
~ Pink: 3 coats of ‘Stop For A Ice Cream’
 I added a layer of Essence High Shine topcoat for an extra shiny look. The combination of ‘AWITP’ + ‘SFAIC’ turns the dark green creme into a beautiful teal with shimmers. The flakes are not so noticeable compared to the combination look of Midnight Date.
Have a wonderful one!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midnight Date in 3..2..1

The new Essence nail polish collection is slowly taking over the Essence display. That means only one thing: BUY! The most interesting ones to me are the Nail Colour 3 nail polishes. They look like this:
So basically, the two-way nail polish can create 3 different looks. Let’s take a closer look at 01 Midnight Date. Midnight Date consists of:
'Midnight Date': in the bottle it appears to look like a duochrome, in the way the colour shifts from blue to purple. But on the nails, it transforms in this beautiful blue shimmer.
'City That Never Sleeps': it’s a sheer purple base with tiny green/purple/orange glitters and flakies that flash green and blue.
Both colours seem more interesting in the bottle, but the final look isn’t disappointing at all:
~ Index: 2 coats of 'Midnight Date'
~ Middle & Ring: 2 coats of 'Midnight Date' + 1 coat of 'City That Never Sleeps'
~ Pink: 3 coats of 'City That Never Sleeps'
What do you think of these Nail Colour 3 polishes?
Have a great one!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Got A Winter Secret...

I started with 2 coats of Essence Got A Secret. Got A Secret will be replaced by other pretty colours in the Essence wide collection, so now is the chance to buy the discontinued colours. Got A Secret is a grayish lavender creme and already opaque after 2 coats. 
Then I used a hobby sponge to create the blue glitter gradient with Pa Premier Lame Grande AA24. Unfortunately just a code name, but AA24 is a gorgeous sheer blue base packed with tiny blue and silver glitters. At last, there is one layer of topcoat.
The result didn’t really speak to me, so I used Nubar White Polka Dot for an icier winter look. White Polka Dot added more glitters in white, blue and green, but also white hexagons. It was hard to get the hexagons on the nails, if I haven’t had so many layers on my nails already, I would definitely went for 4 coats of this white icy goodness. 
Have a wonderful one!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Iced Age Reloaded

The second nail polish of the Essence Crystalliced collection: 03 Iced Age Reloaded. It’s a beige/ taupe with champagne gold shimmers. Iced Age Reloaded is a very pretty and work friendly colour to wear.
For the flower design, I used BM221 and Konad stamping polish in white.
Have a great one!