Monday, February 27, 2012

Nymphelia: Be Pool

This is C01 Be Pool from the latest Catrice LE collection, called: Nymphelia.
I wasn’t really head over heels about this one when I looked at the bottle. It seemed like just another dark green polish and the warning on the back of the bottle that said ‘Use Basecoat’ made this polish less interesting. The experience of using green nail polishes often reminds me of the awful stained nails after removal, even when I used 2 coats of basecoat. But the sticker on top of the bottle helped me with my decision making, because it said: ‘Limited Colour’!
I have no regrets, Be Pool is really beautiful. It is actually a dark green with green shimmer and it was opaque with 2 coats. On the nails, it appears to be teal. The new brush of Catrice worked well, but Be Pool was a bit thick so it left some imperfections. So I used a layer of topcoat to smooth things out.
Another shot in the shade:
Have a great one!

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