Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midnight Date in 3..2..1

The new Essence nail polish collection is slowly taking over the Essence display. That means only one thing: BUY! The most interesting ones to me are the Nail Colour 3 nail polishes. They look like this:
So basically, the two-way nail polish can create 3 different looks. Let’s take a closer look at 01 Midnight Date. Midnight Date consists of:
'Midnight Date': in the bottle it appears to look like a duochrome, in the way the colour shifts from blue to purple. But on the nails, it transforms in this beautiful blue shimmer.
'City That Never Sleeps': it’s a sheer purple base with tiny green/purple/orange glitters and flakies that flash green and blue.
Both colours seem more interesting in the bottle, but the final look isn’t disappointing at all:
~ Index: 2 coats of 'Midnight Date'
~ Middle & Ring: 2 coats of 'Midnight Date' + 1 coat of 'City That Never Sleeps'
~ Pink: 3 coats of 'City That Never Sleeps'
What do you think of these Nail Colour 3 polishes?
Have a great one!

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  1. I am totally drooling over this! I am sure I can't get those over in the USA! thanks for sharing!