Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Canmake Sweet Nail Toppings

Canmake introduced the Nail Topping Coat collection, which brings us 5 different topcoats to recreate the ice cream and yummy dessert toppings on the nails!
They have:
01 Powdered Sugar
02 Hawaiian Coconut
03 Dried Strawberry
04 Mixed Berry Seeds
05 Almond Crunch
NOTE: No. 2 to 5 are made from real fruits and nuts!

The pink base is the OPI Pink-ing Of You.
For the melting chocolate sauce, I used Barry M 129 Chocolate and a dotting tool to create the melting-effect.

The whipped cream is made by using Barry M 66 Matt White. On top of each topping, there is layer of Canmake no. 4 Mixed Berry Seeds.

Mixed Berry Seeds has a clear base with beige/caramel/brown particles floating around, which are the berry seeds. The final look was a bit gritty, so there is one layer of topcoat. I usually won't use this pink, as it gives my skin tone a tan look. So I will try other combinations with Mixed Berry Seeds.

Have a great one!


  1. These are so super cute!
    I love your nails, your super talented:)
    Iv just followed you, follow me back maybe?:)

    1. Oh I'm delighted to hear that ^.^ Welcome to my blog and thank you for following!