Friday, February 24, 2012

Going For A Walk In The Park and Stopped For An Ice Cream

The next Essence Nail Colour 3 I would like to show you is: 04 A Walk In The Park.
A Walk In The Park consists of:

‘A Walk In The Park’: it’s a dark green creme with visible green shimmers in the bottle, but disappear on the nails unfortunately. The application went super smooth and was opaque with 2 coats.

‘Stop For A Ice Cream’: what a sweet name for a polish! This is the sheer one with a clear base packed with blue/green/orange shimmers and white flakes that flash green.

The 3 looks are:
~ Index: 2 coats of ‘A Walk In The Park’
~ Middle & Ring: 2 coats of ‘A Walk In The Park’ + 1 coat of ‘Stop For A Ice Cream’
~ Pink: 3 coats of ‘Stop For A Ice Cream’
 I added a layer of Essence High Shine topcoat for an extra shiny look. The combination of ‘AWITP’ + ‘SFAIC’ turns the dark green creme into a beautiful teal with shimmers. The flakes are not so noticeable compared to the combination look of Midnight Date.
Have a wonderful one!

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  1. Very pretty combination! I'm not sad we don't have these here, though, since I don't like duo packaging like that.