Friday, February 22, 2013

Circus Confetti in the Green Room

Once again, here is Topshop's Green Room with a little bling:
In the previous post, I've mentioned how surprisingly sheer Green Room was. That makes it a perfect ingredient for a glitter sandwich. I used Essence Circus Confetti and layered one coat of Green Room on top. 
Circus Confetti is a real party glitter with its multi-coloured glitters in different sizes.
Before the sandwich:
What do you think of this combination?

Have a great one!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bonbon inspired mani

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I did a bonbon inspired mani:
The chocolate nails are swatched with Barry M's Chocolate and the ring finger has three coats of Essence Team Nude. The pink stripes are done with a striping brush and Essie Van D'Go. I added Canmake Nail Topping Coat #04 Mixed Fruit Seeds on the index and ring finger. The little heart on the middle finger is painted with OPI Red Hot Ayers Rock.
As I mentioned above, this mani was inspired by sweet bonbons. They looked like this before I devoured them:
Have a sweet day!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Topshop Green Room

My lovely sister bought this one for me as a souvenir from France. It was a pleasant surprise, both the gift and the polish itself:

This is Topshop Green Room, which is a beautiful green with an extremely glossy finish. I didn't expect the jelly-like formula judging from the bottle. So I was surprised to find out that Green room was so sheer. It will become opaque with three coats.
one coat
three coats
 The camera couldn't capture the real colour of Green Room, so I edited one of the pictures to give you a better impression of how Green Room looks like in real life.
In the next post, I will make a glitter sandwich with Green Room. Don't miss it...

Have a great one!