Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scale Effect no. 14

Today I have for you my third and last flake polish that I own of Golden Rose's Scale Effect collection: No. 14. This beauty has a transparent brownish base filled with blue and green flakies. Just like the other SE's, I have layered one coat of SE No. 14 over two coats of the following base colours:
from index-pink

H&M Blue
H&M Turqouise
Essence Purple Cherry
Catrice Lavender Breeze

Overall, I like all three Scale Effect polishes that I've swatched. Each one has different coloured flakies, so I don't really have one favourite. But I do prefer layering SE polishes over somewhat darker base colours, which gives the best flakies results.

Which one did you like the most (No. 01, 02 or 14)?

Have a wonderful one!!!


  1. I love it over the Purple Cherry nail polish, thank you for sharing (:

  2. hi ! love,love, love tihis polish...please tell me, where can i order this golden rose ?

  3. @FOREVER '92: You're very welcome! =]

    @asil: I'm glad you like it. I ordered this polish from this site: They ship to Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. If you're not from these countries, you can contact them if they can ship to your country. Good Luck!!!

  4. i'm from another country :(( tks anyway !!