Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello Holo Berry!

Since the brand Catrice changed their displays and updated their collection, I've been hunting down all the new nail polishes =] The colour that I wanted to try is 420 Dirty Berry, which is a holographic polish!!! Holo's are very populair in the nail polish blogger's world, but I didn't have the guts to wear the silver ones that really stands out. Maybe this sounds a bit crazy and silly, but it took me quite a while to collect all my courage together to wear black polish OUTSIDE the house.

no full sun-attack
420 Dirty Berry is a beautiful purple holographic. The formula was a bit watery, so I layered three coats without topcoat.

I'm glad that I gave this one a try. But there is a bad thing about wearing holo's: you can't keep your eyes off the holographic nails! =]

Have a great one!!!

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  1. That's a fabulous colour indeed! I found it in Vienna during my recent trip and just couldn't resist it!