Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello Kitty Turqouise

When I saw pictures of the Sephora x Hello Kitty Collaboration Collection, I went totally wild! The nail polish bottles were in the shape of Hello Kitty's head. But unfortunately, I couldn't order at Sephora online since I am not an US resident. So that was the end of the story...

The closest I can get to a Hello Kitty nail polish is the one released by H&M: Turqouise. Yes, you've read it right...turqouise... Although the bottle didn't blow me away, the colour surely made me (^0^) wow-ed for a long time.

The price was more than reasonabe for 16ml. The formula was easy to work with and that also counts for the brush. I applied 2 coats of Turqouise and 1 layer of topcoat to seal the glitters. I have that jar of brown glitter longer than half a year already, but haven't tried it out, because I was too lazy... It was actually quite easy to work with. But I do need more practice, because I only managed to glitter one hand -_-"

Have a wonderful one!!!


  1. That's such a cute mani! And the colour is adorable too ^_^

  2. You're too kind, thank you! Turqouise is perfect to wear in the spring/summer, so you'll be seeing this one again soon...

  3. This is a gorgeous (and huge) polish. I love the designs, great manicure!

  4. @Nikki: Thank you! It's indeed a very gorgeous and huge polish. And I thought no polish bottle can beat OPI bottles... Have you tried Turqouise already?