Monday, January 31, 2011

'Flormar' haul

The first part of my Turkish nail polish haul features this fabulous brand: Flormar. A few minutes ago, I just became aware of their HUGE nail polish collection! What has stopped me from buying more when I was in Turkey?  I want to go back... (T.T)

Flormar started in Milan, Italy in 1970. The production then moved to Istanbul, Turkey in 1986. On the Flormar website, you can see that they launched various nail polish lines:
  • Flormar Nail Enamel: 'It has a very wide pastel and nacreous color options'
  • Crystal Shine: 'It creates brilliant nails with nacle granules'
  • Ultra Lasting: 'It is more lasting than the classical nail polishes'
  • Quartz: 'It has vivid and brilliant colors as well as it maintains nails'
  • Supermatte: 'Longest wear with maximum comfort and creaminess'
  • Supershine: 'It provides longest wear with maximum comfort and ultra shimmering effect. This group has a sophisticated brush that enables easy application and longest wears on nails desired'
  • True Color: 'It is a more brilliant and lasting result comparison with classsical nail polishes'
  • Selection: 'It creates brilliant nails with its nacreous colors'
  • Neon: 'Unique and improved formula with pure and amazing pigments'
  • Nail Art: 'Fine and thin brush makes it easy to control and draw precise designs and lines'
Apart from the various Nail Enamels, Flormar also provides nail care products in the Flormar Nail Care and Flormar Nail Therapy lines. (Source: Flormar)

Index: No. 075 from the Quartz line. This is a beautiful plum and my first plum polish. Really like this kind of colour, can't believe I haven't add them to my stash earlier.

Middle: No. 323 is a vampy red wine colour. It looks almost dark brown/black from afar.

Ring: No. 372 is a peachy nude colour. What surprises me is that it only needed 2 coats to make the VNL disappear.

Pinkie: No. 395; Don't be deceived by the glitter combination, since they appear to be a greenish base colour with green glitters. In fact, it is a transparent base with gold and silver glitters. It is quite interesting that this combination can turn out like this.

The application was easy for all 4 colours and they only needed 2 coats to become opaque, except for No. 395.

What do you think of Flormar's Nail Enamels?

Have a nice one!!!

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