Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catrice Urban Baroque: PC & BC

The newest LE of Catrice is the Urban Baroque collection.

"Inspired by baroque and boudoir as well as the delicate pastel shades of winter, URBAN BAROQUE by Catrice unites a feminine, romantic nostalgia with a modern, urban look."
This collection has 4 beautiful nail polishes: Pearls & Chains, Barock & RockPrincess & Ballerina and Biscuits & Cupcakes. My lovely sister managed to buy only those with a cute name, while I was on holiday in Turkey.

C01 Pearls & Chains is milky white with tiny silver glitters, which are unfortunately only visible in the bottle. The application was good, but the finish is very sheer. In the pictures, I have layered 4 coats of each colour. As you can see, 4 coats of Pearls & Chains were not enough to cover the nail line. But I do like this milky white finish and it is very suitable for a french mani.

C04 Biscuits & Cupcakes is an old peachy pink with tiny silver glitters too. Just like PC, these glitters disappear when they are layered on the nails. However, when you compare PC and BC, the tiny glitters are more visible on the nails with PC. BC was already opaque with 3 coats. I had some trouble with the brush during the application, which caused some strokes. But when the polish dried, these strokes were gone.

What do you think of this collection?

Have a wonderful one!!!

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