Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alix Avien Blue Crackle

My first Turkish brand nail polish, which I hunted down during my short stay there: Alix Avien!

I did some research before I went on vacation and it was not all about the sightseeing stuff...also a little about what polishes were sold in Turkey. Luckily, I found several drugstores where they sell nail polishes of different Turkish brands.

Alix Avien Nail Deco comes in 4 colours: white, black, blue and pink. This navy blue one got my attention, since I already have a black crackle polish of Barry M. During that time, China Glaze had already announched their Crackle Glaze collection, otherwise, I would have bought Alix Avien crackle polish in white and pink too.

As base colour, I used Pa Nail Color A30, which is a nice champagne goldish polish. Two coats of A30 and one layer of Alix Avien blue crackle polish. The picture was taken on the second day of wear, but I think it still looks okay. It didn't chip that much even without topcoat and survived one day at work.

More 'travel hauls' will follow...

Have a great one!


  1. That's really cool! You know, Turkey is like our next door neighbour here in Greece and I am seriously thinking of making a trip there just for the nail polish. Can't wait to see your haul posts ^_^

  2. It's indeed great fun to discover 'foreign' nail polishes. If you have time to make a trip to Turkey, go make it! It's a beautiful country. I really want to visit Greece one day! So I'm already paying much attention to your Greece nail polish posts =]