Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tiny Mittens

Brrr...the winter has really arrived... It is time to wrap yourself in nice warm clothes and get yourself pretty winter accessories like mittens. That is exactly what inspired me to do this mani: the patterns of mittens.

I used Topshop's Hopscotch (grey) and Catrice's Back to Black (black) for this manicure. Furthermore, I made use of the Viva La Nails black striping tape to make the excellent horizontal lines in this nail art. The striping tape was easy to use and it is impossible to make a mess. This comes in handy for me since I am quite clumsy when it comes to drawing a line with a striper brush. In the end, I had to redo it many times which is time consuming. The use of a striping tape is simple and effortless: you just place it on the nail and make your preferred pattern and that's it. AND it doesn't need time to dry.

Hope you like this winter mani.

Have a warm and wonderful one!!!


  1. This is one of the cutest designs i have ever seen

  2. Thnx! I was testing my new art brush and it didn't cooperate at all, so it came out a bit messy...