Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inspired Ribbon Mani

Today's mani is inspired by a ribbon mani from the Nail Up! magazine (November 2012 issue).

This is the look in the magazine:
The base colours are 2 coats of Topshop Hopscotch (index, middle and pink) and Essence Black is Back (ring).

Index ~ I made 2 X's with black striping tapes to create the ribbons. Then gave the ribbons different colours: blue with KIKO 385 and purple with Essence Passion for Fashion. On the insection of the striping tapes, I placed golden glitters.

Middle ~ The same method as the index finger, just different colours. The purple ribbon is created with Essence Passion for Fashion and the black one with Essence Black is Back. I made dots on the ribbons with Topshop Hopscotch.

Ring ~ 2 coats of Essence Black is Back and added golden glitters.

Pink ~ The ribbon design from Konad M3 with black Konad stamping polish.
Have a wonderful one!


  1. Super cute and very well executed!

    1. I'm always thankful for the lovely comments and support you give! Thank you so much!!!