Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mag-nificent-netic Nail Polish

When the news came about Essence Autumn/Winter 2010 Trend Edition: Metallics, I was determined that I had to try these out!!! This TE would hit the stores in November, so I have been busy for a week to hunt them down. So finally today...
Compared to other polishes, these magnetic polishes come with a magnet and prescription. Because I was so excited to try them out, I did not pay any attention to the prescription. So after a few failed attempts, my enthusiam declined...Then my sister stepped into the picture, who saw me messing things up, and told me how to use the magnet and showed me how it is done (-_-)" So I am grateful for her help, otherwise I could not show you how awesome the magnetic polishes are!

The whole TE collection consists of five polishes:

01 Iron Goddess
02 Copper Rulez!
03 Steel Me
04 Nothing Else Metals
05 Metal Battle (this one is NOT a magnetic nail polish, so I did not buy this one)

In sunlight
01 Iron Goddess and 03 Steel Me have the same holo-look-alike effect if you look at the bottle. Whereas 02 Copper Rulez and 04 Nothing Else Metals have copper and silver glitters respectively. The first one that I would like to share with you is 01 Iron Goddess.

For each nail a different pattern

  • You have to swatch a thick layer in order to get enough 'magnetic parts' to create the pattern you like
  • Hold the magnet really close and really still above the nail
  • Work fast, because when the polish is dry, the 'magnetic parts' will not respond to the magnet
Have a great one!!!

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