Monday, June 6, 2011

1st Blog Award

Yeah!!! It's already my 50th what makes a better 50th post than one featuring an award. I am so grateful to receive this award from the two lovely ladies: KarenD and Monique. Thank you so much!!!

The rules of the Kreativ Blogger Award:

~ Share 10 facts about yourself
~ Tag 10 bloggers and let them know about it

Here we go:

1 ~ My favourite 'colour' is black. However, that is not the colour I usually wear on the nails. For mani's I prefer nude colours and turquoise.

2 ~ I change mani at least two times a week, because I have work-friendly mani's and work-unfriendly mani's. To be honest, I don't think colleagues and customers care about the colours I wear on my nails, but somehow I do not wear dark colours at work.

3 ~ There is this crazy thing about notebooks that I can't resist. I have a 'little' collection of notebooks with adorable covers and cute drawings inside. It's just..uh..I do not use them properly 'cos I haven't write anything in one yet.

4 ~ When it rains, I love to watch it pours down...

5 ~ I need to say more?

6 ~ Everytime someone introduces himself/herself, I forget their names a moment later. It is really frustrating, because I do repeat it a few times in my head...but somehow...

7 ~ My favourite movie genres: action, comedy, fantasy and romance. What I don't like are horror and war movies.

8 ~ I am not a fan of a particular singer/group, but I do like music a lot!

9 ~ Song of the moment: B2ST - On Rainy Days (Korean)

10 ~ I want to learn to play the piano someday.

And the award goes to:


Have a great one!!!


  1. Ooooh black is my favourite "colour" too :D
    And I'm with you on the chocolate and notebook addictions! I have a box full of notebooks that I never use because they are just so cute, and yet I keep collecting more XD
    Thank you so much for the award to my dear, I am honoured :)

  2. thank u for the award love, :D i love it when it rains too, just snuggling under my blanket with a good book and nice music playing in the background. :)

  3. Congrats on the award and on your growing blog!