Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AQmore Vogue

In a previous post, I featured an amazing water-based nail polish that I bought from the Younique Nails website. This website goes by the name Uniqso now! Not only did they change their name, they also extended their collection - water-based nail polishes, nail art related products, colour lenses and many more. Make sure you check them out!

Now, let's take a look at AQmore water-based nail polish Vogue:

Vogue is a beautiful mauve with irregular shaped silver glitter particles. Some glitter particles reminded me of those tiny scrushed sea shells that are used for nail art. The formula was easy to work with, but I couldn't smoothen the glitters over the nails. So after 2 coats, the colour reached opacity but the surface of the nails was rather 'rough'.

Luckily I could fix this by using one coat of AQmore topcoat and that is how it looked like:

Have a wonderful one!!!


  1. Mmmm, I LOVE the color, that's a superb pink!

  2. I've heard of those polishes. They used styrofoam to demonstrate the difference between "regular" polishes and water-based polishes.. . right?

  3. @Constantly Undone ~ Pink it is! AQmore has a more beautiful pink polishes. Do check them out.

    @Monique ~ The styrofoam proof! It's really scary when you watch the styrofoam melt as result of one coat of a 'regular' polish. Despite that, I can't go on a water-based polish-diet...