Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Paradise Sunset

Summertime!!! Let's sit back and relax at the beach or anywhere else where the sun shines brightly ^^

Since it is summer, I picked a colour which I usually do not wear: orange. I think it doesn't look good with my skin colour, but who's a nice colour to wear during this period of the year.

At first, I painted the whole nail of my pink, but I didn't like it that much, so I continued my other nails with a gradient...LOL! I used ESTESSiMO TiNS no. 44 The Paradise Sunset (fabulous name!!!). It's a sheer orange with squared glitters that shines the colours: blue, green and orange. The formula was a bit thick as result of the many glitters, but it was easy to work with.

The process of the gradient contains 3 steps: first layer 3/4 of the nail, then 1/2 of the nail and finally just 1/4 of the nail (nail tip). I used Pa nail color A03 to smoothen out the three layers. I love to use Pa A03 as a glitter topcoat for the nice shimmer finish.

Finally I used some 3D nail stickers that I bought from the Born Pretty Store to 'decorate' the whole look.

Happy Summer Holidays!

Have a great one!!!


  1. Such a pretty colour. Love the gradient.

  2. @Helen ~ Thnx! I'm getting over the 'does not suit my skin tone', the more I look at it =]