Sunday, September 11, 2011


Essence TE NATvenTURista consists 4 colours that are inspired by nature. Today I will show you 2 of them: 02 Mother Earth Is Watching You and 03 Chirp, Chirp!.

CC! is a light beige base with shimmer that shines pink/purple. The formula is a bit watery and it's still not totally opaque with 3 coats. I used CC! as base colour and layered 3 coats.

I used the 'full leaves' design of Konad plate M83, because I wanted something that fits the nature theme and picked MEIWY for stamping. MEIWY is a chamoisee brown base filled with lots of silver shimmer. Luckily, it's opaque enough to be used as stamping polish. I'm not sure if it will work with darker base colours, but it definitely works fine with lighter base colours like CC!.

What you think of Essence TE NATvenTURista collection so far?

Have a lovely one!!!

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