Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Try-Out Zoya Kristen

This is just the first try-out of Zoya Kristen from the Feel collection. I couldn't make any pictures during the day since it was gloomy the past few days. So this is the best one I've got:
Kristen is a light blue-grey creme, which is a beautiful wintery colour. Now I understand what other nail polish bloggers mean by 'it applies like butter'. I can't believe I waited so long to try Zoya polishes, but it's not too late right? The application was indeed nice and easy. Two coats were layered and I added the BM 219 french tip design with Konad special stamping polish in white.

I should practice more with the french tip designs, because I still have trouble with stamping them on the right place on the nails. And this design didn't like me at all, it smudged like crazy. The design smudged already when I picked it up from the plate, any suggestions for this problem?

Have a great one!


  1. I love that color/look! I have been wondering how to utilize the french tip stamps in that nails aren't long enough for the whole design to show if I started at the "smile line". When I have smudging problems, it usually means I haven't let my polish remover dry after I cleaned the plate...or on the stamp part...thins out the polish. Might not be your problem, though.

  2. @Kellyta ~ The design is quite handy for making tribal patterns, since I can't do that free handed.

    @Gottwinkies ~ My nails aren't that long either, so it came out a bit weird: not-french-tip-like =P Wow, thanks for the tips, I'll pay more attention the next time and find out where it went wrong. Thanks again!!!

  3. That's such a locely colour! And it works really well with this stamp. I guess more practise is the answer to the stamping issues. I have problems with the french designs too, which is why I seldom use them if at all.