Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gold on the bottom of the Sea

One of the few Japanese brands I have tried is Majolica Majorca. They come in these tiny cute bottles filled with 5ml of goodies. This is BL501:
BL501 has a name written in Japanese, so I just used Google Translate to find the translation of 海の底 in English, it said: The bottom of the sea. TBOTS is from the Glow & Quick line, which really says what it does. Because TBOTS is a gelly, I needed four coats to reach opacity, which I normally wouldn't like since you have to wait so long between each coat. But TBOTS dried extremely fast and the finish is super shiny and glossy!
There are tiny aqua blue and golden glitters mixed in the sheer navy blue base. Unfortunately the golden glitters are sandwiched, so they do not appear golden on the nails. TBOTS turned into a slightly different shade of blue once swatched on the nails.
Have you tried the nail polishes of Majolica Majorca?

Have a wonderful one!

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