Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flower-edged French

There this thing about Japanese nail polishes (color, shimmer, glitter, design of the bottle!!!), which I like very much. I came across this brand 'Canmake Tokyo' during my quest =P partly due to the cute design of the bottle (well, about 90%). They have a large variety of nail polish colors with descriptions about the color, since there is no bottle picture of each color. For more information, you can check:

Canmake No. 31
Cinnamon Pearl
This is the color that I want to share with you: [31] Cinnamon Pearl. Canmake gives the following description:

'A pinkish beige nail varnish containing crystal pearl particles. The exquisite pearl particles and glossy sheen will make your nails look more beautiful than unadorned nails and when you use this color once, you won’t want to let it go.'

There is no better way to describe it than what is mentioned above. It is a sheer polish with very sparkling crystal pearl particles. This time I used it as base for my french mani along with Konad M51.

In the mean time, I will discover whether Cinnamon Pearl has the ability as layer polish.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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