Saturday, September 4, 2010

KOTD 'crack nail polish design'

Yes, you heard it right. There is a Konad image plate that makes your nail polish look like it has cracked! Well, at least from a little distance, I will show you.

First of all, I used the grey colored polish of Topshop, which is called 'Hopscotch' as base color. I prefer a light base color with this design. As for the stamping color, I used Koh's nr. 134 'Rainy Day'. This is my first Koh nail polish, so I was very excited to try it out. The formula was quite thick, which is normal for a creme polish. It was opaque with only one coat, how cool is that?! This makes it suitable as stamping color.

nr.134 Rainy Day

And with image plate M73, the final look is created:

Yes, that is the Catrice 'C02 Looking Greyt' from the fall collection: Expect the Unexpected. Doesn't the design on the polish bottle look like the KOTD? This is totally a coincidence, since the mani was created last night and I had no intension to buy this nail polish at all (well, at least not this particular day ^^ ). But this afternoon, the whole Catrice LE collection was displayed in the can fill in the rest of the story...

What do you think? Does this design of M73 look like the nail polish has cracked?

And to those who were just looking at the 'Looking Greyt' bottle, I will swatch it very soon...

Have a wonderful day!

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