Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For Pinkum Ribbon

Since it's THE month of the year which we should pay more attention to this awful and deadly disease, there are a lot of beauty bloggers out there who have done something that is related to Pink Ribbon. I think it is a good way to create awareness and to support the awesome work that Pink Ribbon is doing.

Usually, pink is not the colour that ranks high on my favourite colour list. But for some odd reason, I do have some pink polish in my collection and from time to time, I would swatch them. In my latest haul, you can also find one: OPI 'Fair Dinkum Pinkum'. It is a very nice sheer pink polish with tiny silver glitter parts. There are 3 coats on the nails but there is still a visible nail line. I have tried to catch the tiny silver glitter parts in the picture below:

Let's fight it together and support Pink Ribbon!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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