Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mummy May I Do A Gradient?

The polish that I picked out of the Transdesign-order box is from the China Glaze Halloween Awakening Collection: 'Mummy May I?'. It is a nice purple base with purple glitters. At first, the base colour looked black to me, but in fact it is dark purple. That made it even more interesting.

I came across some fabulous bloggers who did a great gradient look, which I want to try as well. I used 2 coats of 'Pearl of Wisdom' of OPI as base colour for the gradient. Then I layered 4 coats of 'Mummy May I' with some distance between the coats. This is still quite visible in the final look, even though I used a thick layer of topcoat, hoping that it will blend the layers a bit =( In many of the gradients that I saw, they use a glitter polish as topcoat. But 'Mummy May I' already contains beautiful purple glitters, that is why a normal topcoat is used here.

Well, how does this look for a first try?

Have wonderful day!!!


  1. wow, I love this! fantastic for your first try!

  2. =] Thank you! I will practice more often to master the art of gradient ^^