Saturday, August 20, 2011

NOTD: Coated Biscuits & Cupcakes

Today I have just a simple NOTD for you. The nail polish that I am going to show you is from the Istanbul haul back in January: PASTEL no. 66.

PASTEL is a Turkish cosmetic brand which has a large variety of cosmetic products. If you want to take a look at their gorgeous nail polish collection, you can find it here. Unfortunately, it seems that no. 66 is no longer available on their website. But luckily I can show you how amazing this one is. PASTEL no. 66 is filled with golden and purple glass flecks in a light plumish transparant base. The golden and purple glass flecks are more visible on the bottle than on the nails, which is too bad. In normal daylight, only the golden glass flecks are noticeacible on the nails. The formula and brush were very fine to work with.
It took me a while to come up with a suitable base colour for PASTEL no. 66. At the end, I choose for Catrice Biscuits & Cupcakes from the Urban Baroque collection. Since no. 66 has a light plumish transparent base, I thought of something in the same colour family so I picked pink. Biscuits & Cupcakes is also very sheer and it took 3 coats to reach opacity. Then, I layered 3 coats of no. 66 to make sure the nail surfice is fully covered with the beautiful golden and purple glass flecks. Come to think of it, that means there are SIX layers on each nail, eeks!!!

Well, that was really the last picture. What would you recommend as base colour for PASTEL no. 66?

Have a great one!!!

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