Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In The Mood For Fall

It's still summer here, but I am already in the mood for a fall mani. The cause of this crazy mood change has to do with the launch of the 2011 fall collection of both OPI and China Glaze. The moment I saw the swatches of OPI 'Touring America' and CG 'Metro' collections, I just wanted to use similar colours to create something.

These are the colours/ tools that I used:

~ H&M Spring Nails Set: White
~ H&M Spring Nails Set: Brown
~ Etude House Petite Darling Nails: GR607 Sand Green
~ Dotting tool (you can also use a toothpick)
~ Konad image plate M77
~ Konad special polish: White

I have already swatched all four colours of the H&M Spring Nails Set in a previous post. Who would have thought that these tiny beauties are suited for fall mani's as well =] As for the other beauty, Etude House Sand Green, this is the first time to swatch it, although it's been in my stash for a while now. Sand Green (don't quite get the name) is a dark sheer green polish that reaches opacity with two coats. Just like the other Petite Darlings, the application was easy and smooth. I really like the way this polish blended with H&M White; it looks like a green gradient.

This mani is very easy. The method for the index, middle and pink is the same. I simply layered thick coats of the brown, white and green polishes first. While the polish is still wet, I used a dotting tool to make stripes beginning at the tip of the finger to the cuticle. Due to the thick layers, the dry time is a bit longer than usual. As for the accent nail, I used Konad M77 along with Konad special White polish to stamp the feathers.

Have a wonderful one!!!


  1. This is absolutely stunning! I love the color combination and the accent nail is precious... I never would have thought to put those two together but it's perfect!

  2. Argh I love these =) It's a really awesome mani! I might have to try that technique you are talking about, I just have a feeling that I will screw it up :p

    And I have both the H&M Spring sets and the set with these polishes are def my favourite!

  3. @Kimaloo ~ Thnx a lot! Ever since I saw nail bloggers using real feathers as nail art, I wanted to try it too..with a little Konad twist to it =]

    @Swååfie ~ Ah well, you'll never know if you don't try it. It's impossible to mess it up, because there is no 'right' way to do it. Besides, this method is really fun since you can combine many different colours and create unique patterns. I've got only this H&M set, maybe you can use the colours of each set to try this? Have fun!!!

  4. It looks super awesome! I wish I could do something like that!

  5. That's so pretty! I've seen this nail effect on Japanese nail mags but I am always weary of trying it because I think I will fail miserably. Yours turned out perfect!

    I am in the mood for fall in general, I cannot take this heat any longer XD