Monday, November 7, 2011

Begin To Love New York!

When people ask me where I would like to travel, my answer would be in Europe: Greece and in Asia: South Korea and Japan. Most people around me would pick New York as their favourite vacation destination. The attraction of New York is just something that hasn't captured me yet, then my sister made a shocking comment: "But you can buy all those branded nail polishes with USD!" That is genius, because I mostly order online because most brands are not available in stores and some brands like OPI are ridiculously expensive here in Europe!

What does this has to do with the polish that I swatched today? Well, that's an easy one, the name of the polish is: 04 New York from the Catrice LE Big City Life collection.
New York is a very beautiful pigeon blue and it's very pigmented. You can get away with one thick coat, but I prefer two coats. The formula was great, but this time luck was not on my side when I chose the bottle. Because this one came with a fuzzy brush, which made the application a bit difficult. This collection also features three other big cities: Berlin, London and Sydney. The must-see places of each city is depicted on the bottle, which is so cool.
Take a look at what's coming up in the next post:

Have a wonderful one!


  1. Oooh that Catrice beauty looks fantastic!
    As for New York it never appealed to me either. WMy dream destination is Japan (nail polish reasons included XD). But I can guarantee to you, if you ever come to Greece, you can find affordable nail polishes here too :D

  2. This Catrice bottle won't get the chance to get dusty =] I wish I can catch a plane to Greece right now! Thanks to the great introductions of Greek branded polishes in your Greek files, I came to know about those beauties! Very much appreciated!!!