Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Love For Vampires Continues...

The second polish that I want to show you from the latest Essence Trend Edition 'Vampire's Love'  is 01 Gold Old Buffy. This really brings back memories when I was addicted to the TV serie.
Gold Old Buffy is a sheer black polish packed with golden flecks/shimmer. This is quite a mysterious one, because the colour changes from black to olive green in different lighting. The formula was a bit thick, so the first coat was a terrible sight. I ended up with three without topcoat.
It didn't felt right to leave Gold Old Buffy 'unstamped', so I used BM plate 214 and China Glaze Passion for the stamping. These pictures were taken in the shade, I apologize for the bad quality.
Have a great one!


  1. That is almost a dupe of a color I just bought! Revlon's Mistletoe! I love the stamping on it!

  2. I love the stamping!!

  3. @Gottwinkies ~ What a coincidence! It's too bad that I don't have access to Revlon's Mistletoe, but they do show some similarities if I look at your swatch pictures, which are by the way gorgeous!

    @Whimsical Glam ~ Thank you!!!